This year’s new hot Rolex Greenwich watch recommended

For most consumers who purchase watches, after all, the price of a Greenwich watch is not cheap, so we need a classic watch that will not be outdated. If the trend is ever changing, it will never be out of date. . The watch does not need to use it as a symbol of identity, nor does it need to show its own personality and difference. It is a wristwatch that shows the elegance and quality of a man.

This year, the diving watch has undergone an update. The case diameter of the new series of 300-meter diving watches has been upgraded to 42 mm. After a redesign, a novel ceramic bezel, which is made with diving scale technology, or covered with white enamel, very beautiful. In addition, the dial is also made of ceramics, and laser engraving technology is also used to present the first series of 300 meters diving Rolex Greenwich watch popular ripple pattern. The movement replaces the previous 2500 movement with the 8800 to the Astronomical Observatory movement, which represents the highest technology of the movement.

Rolex Greenwich II

The popularity of Rolex’s new movement has finally come to Rolex Greenwich II this year, and this new watch is still a red-blue “peer” that the watchmen have been looking forward to as the first watch Greenwich II ever used. The color of the circle, this re-launch is really exciting, and it has been used in the history of the five-bead chain and was used again in the new Greenwich II. Equipped with the latest Rolex  3285 movement, this movement will not say much more than the previous generation of movement really improved a lot, this is only to move the storage to 70 hours is very convenient for the occupants at home on the 6th .

Rolex Greenwich

Under the premise of retaining the square shape, the details were redesigned to make the case and the bracelet more harmonious lines, fine and long lines, so that the watch has more features and vitality of the times. The new watch uses an innovative watch chain design and has a watch quick release function that allows the wearer to feel free to change the strap according to the mood. The wrist watch is also equipped with a leather strap.

This Rolex Greenwich watch has been updated this year. It not only optimizes the processing of details, but also carries a more advanced movement of the brand. It also has a great improvement in performance. It is a wrist worth buying. table.

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