The speed of the exquisite cosmometer type Daytona series chronograph recommended

Although the chronograph is not the most advanced complication, it is also a relatively popular complication, and it also has a high price. Because you want to measure the perfect operation of the machine, the difficulty is certain, so the price will increase compared to the ordinary models.

Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona Series 116520 Black Dial Watch

Watch diameter: 40 mm Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona Series
Movement type: Automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

This Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona Series believes that there is no need to introduce more, we all know very well that the presence in the chronograph watch field can not be ignored. This Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona Series watch also has a bezel with a speedometer bezel. In fact, the speed is not as high as everyone thinks. This is just a simple calculation based on the timekeeping system of the watch. Then the data is engraved on the bezel. In fact, as long as it is a chronograph, it is very easy to engrave the chronograph lap.

The Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona Series watch is beautifully designed, full-featured and practical. It is a watch suitable for everyday wear. Part of the dial hollow design and exquisite display of the phases of the sun, moon and moon make the watch unique and unconventional. The watch’s price/performance ratio is very high and it is very competitive in the same price watch.

Buy a chronograph and the chronograph is full of playability. There is also a chronograph in the chronograph that is more complex and more expensive. The main difference between it and the ordinary chronograph is that it can record two time periods at the same time.

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