Rolex explorer series steel watch recommended

The steel wrist watch can be said to be one of the most popular watch wristwatches today, not only because of the heavy feeling of the steel wrist watch, but the steel watch technology of today has reached a new height. Steel watch worth recommending on the one hand because of his popularity and versatility, as the most cost-effective one of all materials, steel models can always win with the price, but also because it is so ordinary and simple, movement and design The importance of steel is even more important. Steel is not a price compromise, but a quest for craftsmanship. Today, the watch family recommends three steel models for everyone.

Rolex Explorer Series 214270-77200 Black Disc Watch

When it comes to steel watches, one brand that has to be mentioned is Rolex explorer series, because the steel used is a unique 904L stainless steel, the price can be said to be 2 times that of ordinary steel, 904L stainless steel is a bit of superior corrosion resistance Today, the Rolex explorer watch brought by this watch, using a 39 mm diameter design, made of all 904L stainless steel, carrying Rolex self-produced 3132 automatic winding movement, accurate and durable.

Rolex explorer series

The blue lacquered dial features a series of iconic vertical textures and a junior design. The hour scale is a rhodium-plated material, and the arched central hour, minute and second hands of the same material are polished on the sides and filled with luminous material in the middle, highlighting extraordinary details at the details. The calendar window at 3 o’clock added the usefulness of this watch. The double-sided anti-reflective arc arched wear-resistant sapphire crystal provides complete protection for this unique dial.

Compared to precious metal watches, Rolex explorer series watches are very high in terms of cost performance. If there is a steel section of the same watch, steel models should be chosen as far as possible. This is also the reason why many brands only launch precious metal watches without introducing steel watches when launching some high-complicated watches, because it is very difficult to ship steel models with precious metals and they will purchase steel models.

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