Rolex Datejust Series 116200 Pink Flower Chart Pan

Men’s requirements for watches are often rational and professional, but women tend to bet on more emotional colors. Its fine style can add a touch of unique style to the wrist; its design details can respond to my style and mood …

When it comes to women like the Rolex Datejust watch Style, full of girls heart style must be under the name. They don’t have to be multi-functional, they don’t need too cumbersome designs. Since they are aiming at the hearts of young girls, they just need to know the minds of the girls and keep them cute and beautiful enough.

Rolex Datejust Series 116200

The always resolute Rolex, to capture the hearts of women, will also inevitably use the pink powder and the flower elements. Sprinkling the petals in the dial is a way to express the feeling of being a girl without effort. Different styles and fine pink petals, there is a sense of falling cherry blossoms. Look at the flowers in the dial and don’t have the visual effects of embroidery. Paired with a stainless steel enamel strap, Rolex Datejust Series is a unique watch with half the half girls and half teenagers.

Rolex Datejust

The neon colors on the case are said to have been inspired by an imaginary fairyland with an iridescent case and an octagonal case shape, which is not the sense of the girl in our traditional impression but with a bit of a touch. dream. The Rolex Datejust 28 mm dial diameter is also suitable for girls to wear. The black models look cool, while the white models are more young and dreamy.

Gradient colors spread in the middle of the dial, and yellow and blue gradient combinations are inspired at sunrise. The Rolex Datejust watch combination of white and blue gradients comes from the blue sky at noon; another dark blue gradient mimics the midnight sky. The combination of the blue color is fresh and bright, and the use of the gradient is also unique. It can express the girl’s heart in addition to the pink tones and harmonious flower motifs. This element is also worth trying.

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