Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona Series Watches

After ROLEX launched the new generation of Daytona in 2000, it has been more than 10 years since 2011. As one of Rolex’s most popular watch models, Rolex Daytona not only has a sophisticated chronograph structure, but the legendary event style adds to the watch’s popularity index. As other professional sports watches successively introduced variant models, Rolex also introduced the Daytona watch Ref.116515LN with a small change in 2011; the biggest difference between this watch and the previous Daytona watch is that High-tech ceramic Cerachrom black bezel.

Since the first use of the Cerachrom bezel by Rolex in 2005, the factory has been widely used in watches such as GMT II, ​​Submariner and Deepsea. Compared to electroplated aluminum or stainless steel bezel designs, the higher hardness high-tech ceramic bezel prevents surface scratches and wear while resisting erosion and maintaining shine. So Rolex Daytona also used this material on top of Daytona, and the bezel also engraved the tachometer, and was also plated with rose gold, making the numbers easy to read and with a high level of texture.

Rolex Daytona

In addition, Ref.116515LN uses Rolex Daytona watch unique 18K eternal rose gold material. Prior to the quartz watch revolution, the proportion of rose gold was actually not high. Until nearly 20 years, rose gold was gradually being widely used. However, with the rose gold material, it is easy to lose the original color and light with the baptism of the years and the environment, and the chemical components that are often in contact with life are more likely to fade the rose gold. In order to solve this problem, Rolex created a new 18K Everose Gold, and by adding a certain percentage of platinum, Rose Gold can ensure a beautiful color. The watch buckles, pointers and chronograph handles of this watch all use this exclusive patented rose gold, and after a long period of wear, it can also ensure a beautiful appearance.

The first ceramic application Rolex Daytona watch

This watch uses Rolex’s self-made Cal.4130 automatic chronograph movement, with the column wheel device and vertical clutch structure, which is also the structure combination used by most automatic chronograph movements. In addition, the 72-hour power reserve of a single barrel is also the first design in the chronograph. It provides stable kinetic energy to the timing structure, which prevents the accuracy of the movement after starting the timing device. The Cal.4130 follows the unique two-way link structure of Rolex Daytona, that is, two double-clutch gears covering the red compound in the movement, which can give the movement excellent chain-winding efficiency; however, Cal. 4130 uses a central ball bearing device.

In place of Rolex’s customary metal latch and ruby ​​bearing designs, it is the first in-house movement to use ball bearings. The Cal.4130 movement and the current Cal.3130 series movements use the same screw to fine-tune the balance wheel. Through the four fine adjustment screws on the inner side of the balance wheel, the speed of the adjustment can be accurately adjusted. At the same time, it has high diamagnetic and shock resistance. The blue Parachrom Breguet hairspring can be easily certified by the Swiss COSC Observatory.

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