Recommended three Rolex submersible series

The charm of diving lies in its unknown and desire to explore. Rolex closely links this spirit with watchmaking. Rolex submarine, the soul of the design lies in the original spirit, only unique unique charm can create lasting brand. Rolex’s durability, precision, and collectible value are highly valued in people’s minds. The Rolex Submariner series has always had a good reputation in the Rolex series, and the prices are still firm and high.

Rolex Submariner Series 116610LV-97200 Green Plate

This classic Rolex watch, surely we need to say we all already know very well, when it comes to color, the name “green water ghost” is enough to prove the impact of watch color, this wiping delicate green really captures many people’s hearts, even “ A table is hard to find.” The Rolex dial is very recognizable. The key tag has been made of 18ct gold. Most of the processes are hand-made and perfect.

Rolex Submariner Series 16610LV-93250 Watch

Rolex submersible series

The Rolex Submariner is a sturdy and durable model. The 40mm caliber can fully reflect the man’s muscular wrist. The triple-braced chain-link crown is a triple-waterproof system designed specifically for the diving watch. The submerged helium-type case is water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters (1,000 feet), providing optimal protection for highly accurate movements. Protect from water, dust, pressure and impact. The enamel strap is the embodiment of perfect styling, function, aesthetics and technology. At the same time, it is equipped with a style safety buckle that prevents accidental opening. Even wearing a wetsuit, you can still experience a stable and comfortable watch wear experience.

Rolex Submariner Calendar Series 116619LB Blue Disc Watch

The blue submarine 116619LB has surpassed the position of the black and green water ghost in the eyes of the editor. The navy blue tone makes people unable to extricate themselves at first glance. The 18k white gold material also makes this watch worth twice as much. However, only the expensive 18k white gold can really show off the highlights of this watch. Three o’clock classic drip calendar window, and 300 meters waterproof submersible series. Together with the interpretation of this watch’s real low-key luxury texture.

If the movement and other parts are the “hard power” of the watch, then the appearance design and the color are the “soft power”. Both quality and taste may be the most perfect.

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