Featured black plate watch recommended

This year’s black-wrist watch is indeed a fire to the eyes of the table-friends, with its classic design, ornamentation, functional disk embellishment, making this color watch unique charisma, coupled with the brand’s processing and Technological improvements have made these Rolex Air King watches not only have the appearance of fashion and domineering, but also their intensional functions have been greatly improved. They can be called black “poisons” and make watchmates unable to stop.

Rolex Air King Series 116900-71200 Watch

As the first timepiece of the Rolex Air King series “returning from the rivers and lakes”, its performance still remains the classic money of the year. 904L stainless steel dial with black dial is a collision of toughness and personality, showing its unique charm. With its Mercedes-Benz logo clock, modern classic design, bright green hands and Rolex gold, green color brand logo several series of innovative design, once swept the eyes of laborers.

Even from Basel to the market this year, this “new Slot” has always been a hot watch, which shows the popularity of this watch. As a dark horse in this year’s watch industry, this Rolex Air King watch has been highly praised by all of you, and your favorite friends should not miss it.

Rolex Air King

In order to be classic and cool, like this Air King watch, the brand’s consistent use of a pillow case, attractive luminous features, and superior waterproof performance make this watch popular with watch fans. . The black dial under the ruled embossed decoration is more attractive. The second time zone display panel and the 72-hour kinetic energy display panel add a full functional connotation to the watch. With a mature brown calfskin strap, this watch is more atmospheric and fashionable, becoming one of the more popular classics nowadays.

Full of big man, full of tough and rough male charm. This is the first impression this  Air King watch brings. Naturally, the watch’s chronograph function naturally adds to the watch’s deep connotation with an ordered, timed dial and a full-featured black dial. The classic brand has a unique white time scale, which is significantly different from the black dial, which increases the efficiency of the watch. With a black rubber strap, show the most attractive side of men.

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