Airlift new life Rolex watch

The Air King series is no stranger to the old table-friends. The simple summary is that it used to be the entry-level series of Rolex. In 2014, it was incorporated into the Oyster Perpetual Series. This is because its history has been ended and it did not happen in 2016. In the Basel exhibition, it was reborn again. Although it is not the same as the former Air Force, it really belongs to air tyrants. It used to be a space fighter in the aviation history.

At Baselworld 2016, Rolex’s greatest interest to me was not the ceramic circle Daytona, nor the new Cellini, but the rebirth of the Air Fighter. The two-tone LOGO design of the Golden Crown and the green ROLEX For the first time in the history of Rolex, it also attracted many people’s attention. Mercedes-Benz needle design plus 3,6,9 hour mark design, at first glance thought it was Rolex new explorer-type watch, this watch has too many elements worth digging, in accordance with the Rolex style The information disclosed is only the tip of the iceberg. This Air King is worth digging because it is in line with my aesthetic.

Air King

The Rolex Airbus series was born in 1945. After the end of World War II, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf delivered a series of aviation-themed wristwatches to the British Air Force pilots of the Battle of Britain. The Air King series is among them, and is the only one that has survived until now. The Air Pa series has now had a history of 71 years. The new air fighter continues the aviation heritage of the original watch.

Does it feel like our new space fighter is very similar, this is the cockpit instrument of the world’s fastest sports car, the “Houndshoe” supersonic sports car, Rolex sponsors the official timing partner of the Bloodhound supersonic racing project, In 2014, the above two car instruments were customized for this project, and I believe this is also a blueprint for the design of the new Air Pa disk.

Rolex Air Fighter Series 116900-71200 Watch

The Mercedes Benz needle is not unique to the new space fighter. It has been used in the series of explorers and submarine riders, but it is the first time that the Airbus has adopted the Mercedes Benz needle design. The design of the platinum Benz needle is not yet available for the Airbus. Good and bad, the friend who likes Mercedes-Benz needle naturally feels good, and vice versa, which is also a try after the rebirth of the Air Pa series.

Two-color LOGO design watches in the history of Rolex is unique, this is the first time Rolex uses gold crown logo and green ROLEX font in the watch, from which you can also see Rolex Air King brand expectations for this watch, it will not Will be the next green ghost?

Personally feel that the new air fighter is a bit like the fitter and MILGAUSS fit, give up some elements, add some elements. The new air fighter is one millimeter in diameter for the new probe, but the 3, 6 and 9 time scales do not have a luminous display. The new probe has an absolute advantage in this respect. The advantage of the new air fighter compared to the new probe is that With anti-magnetic function, as for the design of new air tyrants on the disk surface is more complex, a new probe is simple, each has its own merits, a new probe on the price is more expensive than the new air fighter.

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